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Live at Five, Growlers and the Highlander's Revenge

Welcome folks. It's difficult to know where to start with this newsletter! However we're going to try and bring you some of the good news from the bar and those associated with it including; * Live at 5 - our virtual pub community * Online music classes  * The Highlander's Revenge

Pics abvove are the poster for our Live at Five; our new Growlers and BBC Scotland's Iain MacInnes interviewing Bruce.

We realise that many people can't get to us this Spring (maybe this Summer...who knows!) and whist sitting momentarliy with our heads in our hands (rather dried out hands it has to be said!) we came up with a plan!  If you can't come to us then we'll come to you! On Friday 13th we launched Live @ 5, a broadcast from the pub with music, chat and guests. Our idea is to bring you a bit of 'virtual' bar life; the characters, the staff and the musicians who make MacGregor's what it is. BBC Scotland News came to cover the story and over the weekend we've had 13,000 viewers join us on Facebook Live. Many contacted us with requests forsongs and tunes and some told us that they were at home in self isolation playing along with us.  This week we'll be joined by Davy Holt who will be giving us a taste of the Highland Malt Whisky Experience, whisky, songs and stories from the Highlands.  On Tuesday we'll be speaking to Nicky Murray who runs our Songwriters Circle and also helps coordinate the SoFar Inverness concerts. He'll be talking about online music classes and the benefits to learning an instrument. We'll also be chatting to Rachel Chaimbeul a great fiddler who has also just opened a cafe with some amazing home baking. Mrs MacGregor, the redoubtable Jo De Sylva, will be leading a traipse through the adjoining streets to the pub sharing the  history and stories from one of the most historically interesting areas in the city.  Please join us on Facebook Live and share with as many friends as you can!


We do have some great beers in and ofcourse we do have an off-sales license. So if you are stockpiling why not get something nice in the fridge! We are also just awaiting our first order of Growlers. One and two litre metal containers just ideal for taking home draft beer straight from the tap. Here's the complete list of what is on this week.  CLICK HERE FOR BEER  We update our draft beer changes using the beer rating app Untppd.

The Highander's Revenge - Tunes and Tales from a Blazin Fiddler  A new book featuring 50 new compositions alongside stories and photos from over twenty years as a touring musician are featured in Bruce MacGregor's new book. Launched at Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow with additional appearances on BBC Radio Scotland's "Off the Ball" and "The Afternoon Show" with Janice Forsyth, the book is now available from

Opening hours

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for opening hours which will be reviewed on a daily basis until further notice

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