Join us and 'Build the Bar'

We have always been looking to open more MacGregor's Bars. The plan has always been to open numerous sites across Scotland before looking at ways of franchsing the brand and taking it across the world.

In the last two years we looked at seriously good sites in Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Pitlochry. So why Golspie?

Well, it all came down to unique location, opportunity and the right 'fit' for what MacGregors is all about. Golspie sits on the North Coast 500 which has become a world famous scenic drive(perhaps only second to Route 66). The Ben Bhraggie Hotel sits right beside the road and has a great function room, snug bar and six rooms. It also has a great area for a beer garden, buildings that have potential to double the number of beds and there are loads of great musicians on the doorstep!

We looked at all the data and information about tourism trends over the next few years and everything pointed to the Highlands!

Within a few weeks of the news of our interest in the Ben, we were also contacted by members of the Golspie Golf Club to take on their food and drink offering at the clubhouse, so within a few weeks we had gone from one bar in Inverness to three operations!

Now normally this wouldn't have bothered us. We like a challenge. However, as many you of you will have read over the past month or so, there is an acute shortage of hospitality staff. We've managed to find some great new team members over the last wee while but my word its been hard work and the bonus of us opening a new venue just an hour away from HQ is very obvious at the moment!

Have a look at the campaign here and please come and join us

Our kitchen team have been really busy creating some new dishes with a slight hint of the "Euros'.

Here's the new menu and these are the seared Shetland Scallops with a chorizo jam and pea purée. Outstanding.

And finally.....

There have been rumours of musicians resurfacing in the bar. Background music has been permitted under the new guidelines and its been lovely to hear the sounds of fiddle, guitar and piano back in the bar again. Sightings have normally been on a Thursday around 6pm, a Friday about 8pm and Sunday late afternoon. These are not 'events' and cannot be publicised so just keep your ears open......

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