Fired Up about food.

"No man is an island" so said someone much wiser than me! We know that to be the truth here at MacGregor's. When it comes to business partners getting the right folk on board with you is vital. You've got to trust these folks 100% and know that they share the same dream and goals.

When it came to looking for the right person to run the food operation at MacGregor's, there was one man for the job. John Lockhart has been running Fired Up Scotland for a few years now. The name comes from his passion for local and Scottish produce and dishes. He's "Fired Up" about the seafood we have in abundance, he's "Fired Up" about the beef, lamb and venison and the quality of these products and he's "Fired Up" because he knows that there is no substitute for quality ingredients.

He gets his ingredients from just THREE local suppliers. There are no bought in, mass produced, oven heated meals here. John's ideology fits in 100% with what I believe a modern day Scottish pub should be - quality and care to be taken over everything.

We trust John to do a job so much so we booked him to do our own wedding last year. People are still talking about the beef ribs, the langoustines and the salmon!