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Come and join us on an adventure in taste...

At the outset we wanted to ensure that going to MacGregor's was a completely different experience for people From the design of the rooms to the range of spirits to the beer and ofcourse the food.

Although we have a fine supply of wine available at the bar, what we're really excitied about is the pairing of our beers with the dishes prepared by FiredUpScotland

Over the weeks and months to come, we'll be regularly updating these pairings. The beers change every week as do the dishes on the Live menu, so there's a constant requirement to test. This is a tough job but we're willing to take on such a challenge...just for you!

As the year progresses we are keen that regulars to the bar and investors, get the chance to help us with the process. So if you are signing up for the ShoutOuts please make sure you add a note to say you're interested in attending one of these special evenings.

Below you can see the wonderful Ardgay Venison dish which we like to try with a Red Rocker from Cromarty. Beneath that we have the sizzling spicy Feugo Feroz pale ale which compliments the speciality Cuban ribs.

Keep your eyes peeled here and on Facebook for more great pairings!

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