Here at MacGregor's we pride ourselves at making all our food in our own kitchen using local produce as far as we can. We can usually tell you where your fish was landed that morning, or what farm your steak comes from. We love working with local producers as it gives us a real sense of exactly were our ingredients come from. When you combine great produce with fabulous chefs you get a meal worth remembering.

Keep in mind we often have daily specials, and if the chefs find something brilliant, you'll likely see it on the menu too.


Soup of the Day

with toasted bread and butter (VG)           £4.90

(vegan bread alternative available)

Welsh Rarebit

served on toasted sourdough bread with cheddar cheese sauce and chilli coriander relish            £4.95 add smoked duck breast            £2.00

Shetland Seared Scallops

topped with chorizo jam and dressed with a pea puree.           £10.95


chopped tomatoes, Mozzarella and basil on toasted bread drizzled with olive oil.           £5.95 

ask to make me GF or VG        

Shetland Mussels

cooked in a vibrant chunky tomato and garlic sauce with bread           £8.50





Homemade Beef Burger                                        

served on a brioche bun with salad, our homemade BBQ

sauce, onion rings and skinny fries       £11.95

Add cheddar, blue cheese or bacon          £1.00

Double up!          £5.00

Halloumi Burger                                    

served with red onion marmalade, honey or BBQ sauce

and skinny fries             £10.95

Fish and Chips                                           

Peterhead’s haddock coated with freshly made batter

served with chunky chips, tartare sauce and minty mushy

peas           £13.95

Seafood Linguine                                          

prawns, scallops, mussels and white crab meat cooked in

a chilli tomato sauce served with linguine pasta and

sprinkled with fresh herbs          £16.95

Superfood Salad                                         

colourful salad with quinoa, pomegranate seeds, tomato,

cucumber, red onion, leek, spring onion and avocado

(VG, GF)            £9.95

Crispy Duck Confit

drizzled with Dijon and honey sauce , served with gratin dauphinoise and topped with crispy frizze. (GF)            £15.95

Shetland Mussels

in vibrant chunky tomato and garlic sauce with bread (GF)           £15.95

Locally Sourced Steak

served with side salad and a choice of Steak Cut Chips or Gratin Dauphinoise. (GF)


     Ribeye ..... £21.00


     Sirloin ...... £22.00

     Fillet ......... £25.95

Add sauce peppercorn or whisky mushroom for £2



Chunky Chips            £3.00
Skin on Fries          
Battered Onion Rings         
Mixed Leaf Salad          
Warm Crusty Bread         



Cranachan           £4.95

Homemade cheesecake         £6.00

ask for today’s flavour  

3 scoops of ice cream          £4.95

vanilla, chocolate, mango sorbet, coconut, raspberry sorbet (GF)

Homemade sticky toffee pudding         £4.50

with cream or ice cream.   

Brownie         £5.50

served with Belgian chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. (GF)  

Cheeseboard          £8.95   

3 cheeses served with quince, oatcakes and biscuit, grapes and plum and apple chutney. (V)



Espresso         £1.50
Hot Chocolate        
     Add an extra shot of Espresso or Caramel Syrup        

Tea          £1.50
Peppermint Tea       
Lemon + Ginger Tea        
Earl Grey Tea        


Please ask a member of the team should you require any allergen information on any of our dishes.

V vegetarian  -  VG vegan  -  GF gluten free

Seafood Linguini at MacGregor's Bar, Inverness