Live at Five



Bruce appearing on BBC Reporting Scotland on 13th March 2020

Live at Five happens every Friday at....yup you guessed it...Five pm.

Whilst we can't control what is happening outside our door, we can control what is happening indoors, and whilst we know a lot of you are confined to the indoors we thought we could bring a bit of our pub to you.

We're going to give you a chance to get to know everyone in the pub. The staff, the musicians our characters and, just enjoy the craic.

There may even be the odd appearance from Mrs MacGregor!

Every Friday we will bring you a some tunes and tales and more! We often have special guests visiting the bar so you never know who may make an appearance.

As we are based in the Cultural and Historic part of Inverness we're also going to go outside our door and tell you a little about the history of our surroundings.

If you can't come to us...we're coming to you.

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