Learn to Play



Bruce appearing on BBC Reporting Scotland on 13th March 2020

As an adult, the idea of learning an instrument can be incredibly daunting, but did you know that;

1. Playing an instrument makes you smarter

2. Your social life will improve

3. Playing an instrument relieves stress

4. Playing an instrument gives you a sense of achievement

5. It builds your confidence

6. Practicing a musical instrument improves patience

7. It helps improve your memory

8. It increases discipline and time management skills

9. Playing music makes you more creative 

10. Playing music is fun!

One of our regular musicians explained that what holds many adults back from learning an instrument is embarrassment, but as he said, you wouldn't laugh at someone at the gym getting fit so why should embarrassment stop you learning an instrument.

Below is a list of incredible musicians who can give you both virtual and face to face lessons.


What better time than now to learn an instrument.